Our Story

When girls play sports, we all win.

Girls Play Sports is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to building leadership skills and confidence in girls through their participation in a wide variety of sports.


We're guided by our values

In order to achieve our mission, Girls Play Sports coaches, counselors and student-athletes are guided by the following core values: Empowerment, Community, Integrity, Leadership, Education, and Fun! We take pride in being an accessible program, with cost never being an obstacle for participation, and giving girls a safe space to share experiences with peers.


Empowering girls to lead

Girls Play Sports was created to unlock doors and expose girls to positive, strong role models — all while having fun playing sports. Our programs emphasize pride in being a female athlete. We help girls be strong when they are most vulnerable. At the most critical time in a girls development, when their confidence is most fragile, Girls Play Sports instills a source or strength that empowers girls.

Our Story

Where it all began

In 2012, Chris and Megan Livatino realized their daughter was being left out of playing sports on the playground because she was a girl. As they evaluated the options for their daughter to participate in a wide variety of sports, there were limited options in the their community and their experience was that increasingly youth sports programs were encouraging kids to specialize at a younger age.

There was a sense in the community that girls were not as proud about being student athletes. Some analysis showed that there was a decrease in girls participating in both middle school and HS sports. To address this, they partnered with Liz Brieva, a concerned parent, coach and teacher in the community, and Girls Play Sports (GPS) was founded with the goal of fostering leadership skills and confidence in girls through their participation in a wide variety of sports.

With a focus on 3-8th grade girls, GPS has impacted the community. Today, there are 5 GPS programs that cater to different ages and level of interest in sports. We are also proud to report that as of 2015, there are more female student athletes at ETHS than male and the numbers have continued to be strong for female participation in sports!

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We are humbled to be recognized in the community

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Buddy Portugal Award

We empower girls through athletics. Playing sports builds confidence and self-esteem. Studies show that girls who play sports will perform better in the classroom than their non-athletic classmates.

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Hixon Award

Girls Play Sports is committed to giving back to our community by bridging the gaps between grade school, middle school and high school girls. We stress the importance of reaching out to all areas in our community, making our programs accessible to all interested girls. Cost is never an obstacle to participation.

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Toyota Everyday Hero Award

We remember the special coaches, teachers, and mentors who made a difference in our lives. We want to be the special coach who makes a difference in a young lady’s life, pushing her to maximize her fullest potential.

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We had been impulsing reforestation since 2006

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100+ succesful reforestation projects
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Over 200M trees planted since our foundation 2006
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A total of over 50K global volunteers
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