Welcome to the Girls Play Sports Blog

Welcome to the Girls Play Sports Blog
Liz Brieva
Dec 30, 2023
Social Justice

January 2024: Thank you for taking the time to visit our GIRLS PLAY SPORTS website and blog. We are so happy you are here! This blog is a passion project with all kinds of information that we feel needs to be shared with others. GPS wants to be involved with having conversations and sharing experiences and information in order to create a stronger, more cohesive community.  During the summer of 2020, many people in our country were filled with passion for creating change. People were marching, protesting and standing up against police brutality, following the death of George Floyd. The ETHS Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball Programs wanted to have conversations that mattered on a community level. We had backyard conversations; people brought beach chairs and towels and social distanced and we talked about issues that were impacting Black and Brown people in Evanston. Then we went back to school and work and things got “too busy” to have more conversations. Girls Play Sports has been thinking about the ways we can move the needle and create necessary changes so we can have a more thriving community. We think it starts with conversations about race. As Bryan Stevenson talks about in his TED TALK, our country needs to talk about the impact that slavery, Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration and racism has on our ability to move forward. He talks about the NEED to pay attention to suffering, poverty, exclusion, unfairness and injustice. Just in the past year, there have been book bans and laws that have been implemented that control the teaching of Hard History. At Girls Play Sports, we want to be a part of the conversation. We want to provide resources and have dialogues so we can make a positive difference in our community.

We have the privilege of working with young people and we get to encourage and motivate them through playing sports and through our work with the GPS Youth Advisory Board. We take this responsibility seriously. We want to stretch the potential of our organization by inviting you to read our blog and tap into the resources that are available in our community. We are grateful that you are here.

This month, we are offering a wide variety of resources. Please take a look, click on the links, and start a conversation with someone!