Hear what our Parents have to say.

What is the best part of Girls Play Sports?

The opportunity Girls have to try a bunch of different sports without tryouts and the pressure of having to commit to them. They simply get to try it out and see if it is something they could later pursue. Stephanie Mangrich

Provides a very encouraging environment to practice a familiar sport as well as try out a new one. Arleen Temer Wittcoff

Encouraging girls to try something new in a supportive, non competitive environment. Kerri Machut

Empowerment of young girls and getting them interested in a wide range of activities. Also, allowing flexibility with payments, when unable to pay. Anonymous

The best part of Girls Play Sports is the introduction of sports that some girls might not be familiar with our have the opportunity trying. Monica Lewis

How would you describe GPS to a friend who doesn’t know about the program?

The program is great for kids to get more active and explore different sports to allow them to see which sport is best for them. Tiffany Waters

A great opportunity to explore sports, access to older peers/mentors in a particular sport, a better understanding of the sports opportunities for girls in high school. Alexander Slagg

BEST program for girls to learn new sports, do supportive and fun! My daughter gained confidence in trying new sports! Maggie O’Connor Wade

Giving girls an opportunity to learn a out and be exposed to a wide range in sports and physical activities. Also, some self esteem work channeled into the activities. Anonymous

A wonderful opportunity for girls of various ages to play and learn sports in a supportive environment. Laura Le

It’s a great program for girls who want to play sports that ensures to teach them fundamentals, and that they have fun. Twaynis L Royal

How is GPS different from other sports programs?

Really like that it is focused on young girls and their particular skills and needs. The counselors were very hands on, building rapport and relationships in ways that other sports programs don’t. Stephanie Mangrich

In GPS you get exposed to more sports and spend more time learning about the different sports. The counselors are athletes in that sport! Liz Jean-Pierre

It has a great mentoring component and brings together girls, showing them that they can be a part of a team and play sports like anyone else. Ali Nyman

What did your daughter learn or do in GPS that helped her in other areas that may not even be related to sports?

Communication- GPS helped her get stronger with talking to others and making new friends. Tiffany Waters

She learned that every sport a boy can do, a girl could do it to, and to quote the Mariposa foundation, girls are the worlds most powerful force for change.  Ana Luz Tirres

It helped me be more of a team player and make friendships with other people.Liz Jean-Pierre

She had the freedom to learn something new without fear of judgement or embarrassment. GPS can help girls branch out and have the confidence to try new things. Ali Nyman


In your opinion, what is the best part of Girls Play Sports?

Seeing girls who are the thriving at a sport show off their skills. Drew Patterson

Helping girls get excited about sports and see that they actually are capable and can be competitive. Kat Sehgal

The best part about Girls Play Sports is being able to give back to the community. Another great aspect is being able to create a mentor-mentee relationship with the players. Anonymous

What’s the one thing you most wanted the younger girls to walk away learning from your GPS session?

That they feel confident in being an athlete and excited to play sports. Delaney Brooks

Explore sports. Do what makes YOU happy and try to follow the beat of your own drum. You can do anything! Believe in yourself Maia Robinson

To believe in themselves and to be their own person. A lot of girls at their age tend to follow others so being their own person will help them be strong minded individuals. Anonymous

What did you learn or do in GPS that helped you in other areas that may not have even been related to sports?

It helped me so much in my college badminton club because now there are people who are older than me who don’t know how to play and I am able to use the skills i learned with the girls to teach older adults. I have learned how to be good at a sport but also be approachable and not intimidating to those who are still learning. Maia Robinson

GPS has helped me shape my future; because of GPS I have majored in Education. Being able to help kids brings me much joy. Anonymous