Black Lives Matter to GPS

Statements from our Board and Staff

Sharon Robinson, MD

As a Black woman, I am committed to dismantling systemic racism in my community and beyond. I will amplify Black voices and work tirelessly to create and support anti-racist policies that benefit all individuals, equally and justly.

GPS Board Member
Pediatrician NorthSore University HealthSystem

Liz Brieva

My journey to discover what race means to me began over six years ago, when I shared a classroom with Dr. Trisha Baker. Dr. Baker had the guts to tell me that “white people were not ready to have the conversation about race.” That statement, along with attending Courageous Conversations and the SEED program through District 65, helped me begin to approach things in a new way. In the late 80s and early 90s, I spent five years teaching and coaching in Newark, New Jersey and also in CPS, on the west side of Chicago. Ten years ago I helped create a volleyball program at Fleetwood-Jourdain and helped create Girls Play Sports in Evanston. Why am I sharing that with you? It is important because I have worked in Black and Brown communities throughout my life and I have always cared deeply about the outcomes of my students and players, but I never understood how systemic racism affects every single part of our country. I didn’t understand the incredible advantages I have in my life just because I am white. I didn’t even understand that my Colombian-American children were having their own challenges navigating the world.

I am grateful to my children, Dr. Baker and D65 for giving me the opportunity and space to learn and grow. I am dedicated to educating myself about Black, Brown and Indigenous cultures and learning more about the structures that are in place in the United States and how they have shaped and continue to shape our society. I am dedicated to taking advantage of every opportunity to learn about U.S. history along with exploring new approaches to teaching and coaching. I am dedicated to learning more about the LGBTQ+ community so I can improve my understanding of the issues many young people are facing.  I am dedicated to using my position as a mom, coach, teacher and the GPS Program Director, to create safe spaces for my students and players of color and students in the LGBTQ+ community. I am dedicated to creating stronger relationships with our GPS athletes, my students and players, and their families. I am dedicated to making a stronger impact in our community! I am looking forward to the work ahead.

GPS Co-Founder and Program Director
Haven Teacher
ETHS Volleyball Coach

Joyce Anderson

For the past 5 years, I have been on a personal journey to learn about the black and brown experience in America. I have joined “courageous conversations, gone through Beyond Diversity Training and confronted my own fears of being a POC of Asian descent. I am committed to talking with my three young sons about how the an anti-racist and believe that every day we must work towards creating equity in our community and beyond.

GPS Board President
Co-Founder and COO of Honest Game

Mary Collins

I acknowledge that there are injustices in our communities grounded in race. I recognize that I have implicit bias that requires work to address and effort to minimize and eliminate so it does not impede the progress of development of others, especially black and brown people. I have been and will continue to be committed to standing up, speaking out, and supporting efforts that work to dismantle racism in all its forms. Throughout my career I have led and participated in anti-racist work both directly and indirectly through trainings, program design, evaluation and intentional planning–and I intend to continue to do this. I remain committed to taking action that addresses systemic bias and anti-blackness within the culture or our organization and our community. I understand this work to be ongoing and pledge to continue to keep racial justice at the forefront of my decision-making and action.

GPS Development Director